NanoTape® - Double-sided & Waterproof

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  • Length: 3.5 ft each (1 m)
  • Width: 1.2 inches (3 cm)

Why People Love This Tape...

This NanoTape® is Double-Sided and can be used on Any Material: Wood, Bricks, Plastic, Metals, Marble, Concrete, Stucco, Cinderblock, Polymers... 

Hate Being Messy?

Hate Damaging Walls?

Wash & Use Again Up To 600 times...



More Than Just a Tape...

This is probably the BEST tape you've ever used due to its outstanding adhesiveness & great waterproof ability! 

NanoTape® uses a technology of nano that has various ways to make full use.

It is more convenient than the traditional ways to attach things on the wall or stick on the floor.

Besides, This NanoTape® can be washed so that it can be reused for many times.



Easy To Use...



  • It is can be cut down for your wish, and easy to use.
  • When you take off this tape on the wall, It will leave no residue.
  • The magic tape even can be washed and reusable.
  • Applied for any type of surface: wooden, plastic, glass, marble, etc.
  • High tensile strength, High ductility.